Top Reasons Why Employees Leave

Employee retention is a big thing for companies. The cost of having to replace an employee is often equal to the salary that they are supposed to receive and it would cost more in time and trouble, because the replacement would have to be trained all over again. So it is a good idea to retain a good employee.

One of the ways that employee retention can be improved is by knowing the reasons why they are leaving in the first place. What are the most common reasons why they are taking flight? To help serve as a guide for you, here are some of the most common reasons:

Employees-Devote1. Experts say that employees don’t really resign from their jobs, rather they leave their managers. If an employee does not like, respect, or see anything in their superior that would make their stay worth it, they leave a company. When a manager knows how to get along well with their people and handles them very well, both as a boss and a person, then employees would stick around even if the job isn’t that good.

2. Reorganization should only be done when there is a real need for it. If companies go through it every year or every six months, employees can get really frustrated and they might find that as a reason to leave the company. Reorganization can mean a lot of confusion for the employees.

3. Companies should have some form of competition among its employees, but it all should be done in a friendly manner. When it is made like such a big deal it could add to the stress that they feel and so it becomes a reason for them to leave.

4. Employees need to feel that the higher ups are supporting them and giving them the time and help in growing within the company. When they feel that there is no support for them they tend to leave.

5. Employees should feel that there are opportunities waiting for them in a company. They should be able to move up according to their performance. If they feel that there is no opportunity for them to get promoted, then they leave.

6. There should be a balance between the work and the life of an employee. Once they and up feeling like they are slaves for a company, they would start looking for ways that they can leave. No matter how productive they are, there is a certain limit to what they can do.

7. When an employee gets hired, they have certain expectations based on what they were promised during the hiring process. If those expectations are not met, they would feel cheated and would think of leaving. It is therefore important that the recruiter and the employee should be on the same page.

8. Managers should provide feedback to all of their employees. This important so that the worker knows that his superior is keeping track of how he is doing and that it is valuable for him.

These are just some of the reasons why employees leave.

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